happy holidays 2015

Joyful Holiday Season and Peaceful New Year!

Joyful Holiday Season and Peaceful New Year 2015  Best wishes for a joyful Holiday Season and a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year 2015 to our clients, supporters and all visitors!

Adobe Future Creative Software

The future of creative software by Adobe We can imagine the amazing possibilities for Adobe future creative software. The digital innovation is bringing more and more efficient and incredible tools to designers, artists and all creative types. Human-machine interfaces (HMI) are becoming friendlier, more interactive and more intuitive. Not everything desirable is a reality yet. The speed […]

Ripped Blue Net

Ripped Blue Net Photographs of Old, Ripped Blue Nets Theses are the ripped blue nets we came across over the weekend. These photographs were made in a courtyard of an old school. The outside basketball courts were in pretty bad shape, and so were the nets on the hoops. They were old, ripped, blue nets, […]

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day 2014!  Happy Canada Day to our friends, colleagues and associates in Canada and to all fellow Canadians abroad!    

Love our world

We Love Our World in Color  In reality, on the screens, in images, in pixels, we love our world in color. Do you? Give us a like and spread the world and love around.        

Unspoiled Canvas

What is your unspoiled canvas? It is hard to invade the beauty of an unspoiled canvas, but if artists would not overcome that fear, the world would not be able to see many masterpieces and know the brilliance of many talents.    

Handhelld Cyborgs Kids

Handhelld Cyborgs Kids — or are they? Handhelld cyborgs kids. Does this ring the bell? With proliferation of various handheld devices, many of them have become desired objects of possession for kids. Even very young children have become engaged by this pixel-based trend, often at the expense of real-life experiences. CHILDHOOD IS NOT CYBORGOOD!