Artwork for Charitable Giving

Spread the word! We offer artwork for charitable giving. Artwork for Charitable Giving: Watercolors. Flowers Please spread the word! The watercolors of flowers shown in this album are available for donation to support charitable fund raising in Toronto and nearby. These watercolors are executed in ‘a la prima’, or wet-on-wet style on 30″x22″ top archival […]

Sense of humor quote

Our sense of humor quote Some things can only be experienced. Imagery is one of them. Sense of humor is another. Although we can convey, or share, something that we find funny, we cannot share a sense of humor. Thus, the outcome of our attempt will be determined by the degree to which the sense of humor […]

Optimism quote

Form of optimism quote Over the years of existence of human kind there has been made many attempts on defining optimism in one way or another. Many optimism related quotes attest to those attempts.  We have some ideas on the subject matter as well. Here is one of them. As we try not to take […]

Celebrating Women

Celebrating Women’s Day 2014 We celebrate and thank our wonderful women on their day and every day! Celebrating and thanking all the women in our lives, we rejoice with you!           

4 Hearts Valentines Day Image

Happy Valentines Day! 4 Hearts Valentines day image. Happy Valentines Day to all the valentines all over the world! Love, peace and prosperity!  


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