Consulting Services

We do offer “image consulting” services. That is what we call brand development for fun. If you were thinking of getting a cool new make up for your face, or hip colour coordination for your wardrobe, we are sorry to have misled you. Our “image consulting” services are, actually, brand communications and  marketing strategy services. Those are major elements vital for a success of any business. You would not want just anyone to advice your on such important matters.

We are hoping that you are not fooled by our playful and funky images into thinking less of our abilities. This approach is our style of our brand communications. In reality, we have a lot of very serious expertise and not only in image development. Groovygap consulting has a lot of brainpower, including titles like MBA and portfolio manager, to put any CFO at ease.

We are happy to discuss how we can help you to tell your story better and to make it exciting, to drive engagement and brand recall to support your sales funnel replenishment and sales growth. We have our attentive ears to hear you out. Our curiosity is there to learn about your business, your market, your customers and your aspirations. We are desperate to hear your side of the story. What we are looking for is your unrealized potential and a strategy to support your growth in the ways that are unique to your brand. In business schools they call it “closing the gap”.

We will work with you to understand you and your brand in minute details. That is a stepping stone and a requirement in every relationship we start. Benefits come after that. Before we can help you to formulate your brand strategy and recommend tactical plans, it is critical that you and we get on the same page in understanding your needs and market’s wants. We will align the entire experience of your brand according to your brand strategy. It is our job to help you make your brand to stand out and look and feel great.

We want your communications to be experientially unique and commanding of attention. Clarity and simplicity are not easy to attain. It takes a lot of analytical bulldozing through deception and complexity, in order to get to the level of clarity and simplicity which give your brand its own strong voice. In the loud, loud world this is not a simple thing to achieve, but you know that already.


If you decide that you find our groovy “image consulting” story appealing, then do connect. Feel free to get in touch, if you would like to make an enquiry, to discuss your needs and our expertise. We have a lot of creative ideas and will be happy to listen to your story. Just reach out to chat and share. Sometimes, all it takes is a few words in a message box for amazing things to start happening, and you know that part as well as we do.

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