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A little design story about “groovy design”

cool product design developmentWe help you to tell your story. Making sense of our world, while contributing to its beauty an image at a time. Engaging people through images, words and pixels. It’s groovy and it’s fun!

Our exploration of an idea of a company based on these premises started in 2012. Groovygap has materialized over a very short period of time. In fact, it was so short, that it is still evolving, and we hope it will never stop to do so. Chances are that, if you came back in a few weeks, or even days, this place will look different. We are constantly advancing our knowledge and maturing professionally, exploring the world, learning new ways and experimenting with new things. We pursue this growth because we want to be great at helping you to tell your story to the market and to the world.

Many years ago, when computers were slow and expensive (and much more expansive, for that matter), designers were trained in old, traditional ways. Pencil, paper and drawing board and design principles were the primary source for execution of ideas. Form followed function, and any strategy was only as good as its execution.

That was then. Today things look different in many ways. Changes happen so fast that it feels like the change has become the norm. We embrace the change. We believe that the digital age has opened incredible new opportunities for everyone. It is particularly true for small creative businesses like Groovygap. The principles, however have not changed, and the form continues to follow function, and any strategy is still only as good as its execution, and design thinking is gaining a very prominent footing in the business world.

Today we are lucky to be able to offer our work and services worldwide. It is fun to be a part of the global creative community. We live in the beginning of yet another new technological era, and we can get only a little taste of big things to come.

Images tell a story, and help to engage people. They are based on a universal language of visual communications. We are happy to create images which help you to tell and share your story, be it in your local community or internationally. We are trying to keep our hand on the pulse of time, culture and business world, and we are aware of cultural differences and sensibilities. The world is a big canvas, or rather a collection of canvases, and we love leaving our small mark on some of them.

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