Visual Page

Visual page

This is our groovy pixel page, or visual page, as we call it. We think it is cool. Why is it cool, you ask? Because we love colour, and we love making world more beautiful one image at a time, and we believe, that it is totally cool. Groovy pixels and cool visual aesthetics are our focus here.

This is not a portfolio of our projects. If you find something that is not cool, do let us know, and we will reconsider. We cannot promise that we will agree with your opinion, but we will give our choices another look. We always happy to hear from our customers, colleagues, fans and just passers-by. Some of the best relationships, which we have had, developed from just one simple hello. So, do not be a stranger, drop us a line, leave a comment, or connect socially, whatever your preference is. 

Cool Visual Aesthetics

Visual communications and images are our passion. On our visual page we post only images which we think are cool and worth sharing, but you already know that. Like them and share them! We believe most things can look cool. Seriously, sometimes we label things as ugly based on their looks, or how we perceive them visually. However, take some of those things out of their “ugly” old context and put them in a new, different one, and they will, almost magically, transform. They will revive and present in a
different light. Sometimes an old “ugly” becomes a new “beautiful”. No magic wand involved. Just pure flight of imagination and creativity, and, of course, new context. Context is something to think about seriously when you promote your brand and develop your brand communications. Context is usually provided by the market, but wait,  we are starting to talk business and not beauty.

Image, design, art work, all of these elements fall into categories which are concerned with visual aesthetics. It is not always easy to find an agreement on what is cool and what is aesthetically pleasing or engaging. If it would be the case, there would be much less choice and selection in the stores and in our everyday life. There are many opinions on this subject matter. Some of them are well-informed and others are less so. We would like to believe that our is the on in the well-informed category. If you study visual arts and visual communications for a couple of decades, cumulatively, and work with images even longer than that, your opinion probably is validated to qualify as professional, if not expert.

Based on the notion that our opinions are well informed and professional, when it comes to visual aesthetics, we hope that you will agree with our choices. There are numerous criteria for our selection process. If you come across other cool images, elsewhere, let us know, here or @groovygap. We would want to take a look as well, because cool visuals are our passion.


Groovy images of the month



Don’t Break My Heart!


visual page





 Groovy Red Skull, Squared. 


Skull red black gold





Skulls & Flowers.


Skulls flowers black red x4 x1200